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April 23, 2020



Court of Appeals of California, Fourth District, Division Three.

March 13, 2020


THE PEOPLE, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. BRIAN JOHN LAUDENBACK, Defendant and Appellant.

Court of Appeals of California, Fourth District, Division Three.

March 13, 2020

Parole grant reversed for ‘Gator,’ former skateboard superstar convicted for 1991 rape, murder

SAN DIEGO — The governor has denied parole for a former skateboarding superstar who admitted to the 1991 rape and murder of a model in his Carlsbad condo, a decision that comes more than four months after the inmate was found suitable for release.

In a review explaining the reversal, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Mark Anthony “Gator” Rogowski needs to develop “a deeper understanding” of what led him to ambush Jessica Bergsten, a friend who’d come over to watch a movie.
‘Gator,’ former skateboard superstar convicted in 1991 Carlsbad rape, murder case, found suitable for parole

SAN DIEGO — The 1991 attack on the 22-year-old model in Carlsbad was particularly brutal. Jessica Bergsten was beaten with a metal bar into semi-consciousness. She was raped repeatedly, then stuffed into a surfboard bag and suffocated so neighbors wouldn’t hear her scream.

The killer, then-24-year-old Mark “Gator” Anthony Rogowski, was a star in the skateboarding world of the 1980s. He had toured internationally, been on MTV. He’d even shot a television commercial hours before ambushing Bergsten, slamming a steering wheel lock down onto her skull.
Gov. Jerry Brown weighs parole for killer in controversial LAPD lecture

Rene Enriquez boasts an impressive law enforcement resume. Author. Expert witness. Government consultant. College lecturer. But he achieved such respected standing because of his earlier life’s work: Killer, drug dealer and Mexican Mafia “shot caller.”

Enriquez, 52, was at the center of a public controversy this week when Los Angeles police drew criticism for arranging a meeting in which he gave a lecture to a private group of local business leaders and some law enforcement officials. Records show his close relationship with law enforcement goes well beyond Wednesday’s event in downtown Los Angeles and has helped the former member of the Mexican Mafia — sometimes known as “La Eme” — make a bid for freedom.
Parole recommended for former California Mexican Mafia chief

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Acting amid extra tight security, parole commissioners on Friday again recommended the release of a former leader of the Mexican Mafia prison gang who now helps law enforcement, Board of Parole Hearings spokesman Luis Patino said.

Rene “Boxer” Enriquez has been in prison since 1993 on a 20 years-to life sentence for two murders, multiple assaults and conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances.

Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis is once again recommended for parole

After 43 years in prison and 30 parole hearings, parole officials have again decided it is safe to free Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis – but this is the fourth time, and he remains between bars.

They recommended that Davis be paroled in the 1969 slayings of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea.
Manson family member Bruce Davis up for parole for fourth time but release not assured

Convicted murderer and associate of 1960s mass murderer Charles Manson, Bruce Davis was granted parole for the fourth time on 27 August. The 72-year-old’s release, however, is not assured. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation confirmed that Davis was granted parole for his life sentence for murder and conspiracy.
CNN – Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis wins recommendation for parole

(CNN)Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis is again a step closer to being freed from prison, but a review board or California Gov. Jerry Brown must approve before the convicted murderer can be paroled.
Q13 FOX – Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis wins recommendation for parole

LOS ANGELES — Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis is again a step closer to being freed from prison, but a review board or California Gov. Jerry Brown must approve before the convicted murderer can be paroled.

Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis approved for parole

Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis won his California parole board hearing on Wednesday, opening a potential path to freedom for the 71-year-old killer.

The board’s granting of parole triggered a 120-day review process that’ll eventually end on the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown.
Sentence for 1998 Monterey Peninsula murder case gets reviewed

SALINAS — A man sentenced to life without the possibility of parole has returned to Monterey County seeking a new sentence because he committed his crimes when he was a minor.

Norman Willover was given two life-without-parole terms for his part in the 1998 drive-by shootings of two students and a Seaside mother of six. He was four months shy of his 18th birthday, and his attorney is seeking his sentence be repealed and to get a new one.
Monterey murderer Norman Willover files SB9 petition

MONTEREY, California — Norman Ford Willover went on a murder spree in Monterey shortly after he escaped from a juvenile detention center in Utah. He was 17 years old at the time.

A judge sentenced him to serve two life sentences without possibility of parole. His co-defendant in his murder case, Joseph Manibusan, was sentenced to death, and is currently on death row at San Quentin prison.
Bruce Davis, Former Charles Manson Follower, Seeks Parole For 27th Time

LOS ANGELES — A former Charles Manson follower imprisoned for 40 years in a double murder engineered by Manson won a recommendation of parole Thursday in his 27th appearance before a parole board panel.

Bruce Davis, convicted with Manson and another man in the killings of a musician and a stuntman, was not involved in the infamous Sharon Tate murders in 1969.
Former Charles Manson Follower Bruce Davis Granted Parole; Jerry Brown To decide Release

California Gov. Jerry Brown has been asked to decide the fate of Bruce Davis, a former Charles Manson follower who is up for parole after decades in prison.

For the second time the California Board of Parole Hearings has recommended the release of Davis, 70, who was on the verge of freedom two years ago before the board’s decision was overturned by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brown has until March 3 (30 days) to either, modify, affirm, or reverse the parole board’s decision, according to CNN.
Former Charles Manson Follower Bruce Davis, gets Recommendation for parole after 40 years

Davis’ attorney, Michael Beckman, encouraged Brown to ratify the recommendation, citing Brown’s conversion to Christianity and his temperament behind bars. Brown hasn’t been written up since for bad behavior since 1980.

“He earned it,” Beckman said. “I think the governor should respect the work done by his parole board. That hearing took five or six hours. They took into account everything about Bruce. And they didn’t grant him parole as a favor. They didn’t grant him parole on a whim. They considered it very carefully.”
Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis granted parole

Bruce Davis, a convicted murderer who once served as an associate of Charles Manson, was granted parole from his California prison cell — though whether he will actually go free is still a matter to be decided.

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