“Michael: You have been a huge blessing to our family. You have remained vigilant and given us hope. You are a man of character we could trust in times we felt stressed , scared and weak. You helped us get our happy ending. Thank you for everything.” Valerie Kagan, sister of Thomas Hyatt, released January 2018.

“Trust Mr. Beckman to prepare and defend you. I did and received an initial hearing parole grant in spite of multiple 25-life sentences.” Kenneth Kovzelove, inmate at CMC

“I would highly recommend Michael Beckman to any Lifer at any time. I could not imagine having anyone but him sitting next to me in that hearing room.” –Gary Cardi (released from prison, 9/28/2012)

“It is my pleasure to know Michael Beckman and my good fortune to have had him represent my son. My son is home now – largely due to Michael’s dedication, caring, hard work, and his being the outstanding attorney that he is.Michael lets you know exactly what to expect and he never gives up. I now see him as much more than an attorney, I see him as a friend. Anyone going before the parole board, having Michael Beckman sitting next to them can consider themselves very fortunate.” –Renee Ruff

“Mr. Beckman, this is written in appreciation for your professional counsel as my attorney before the Board of Prison Hearings. I could see the work you put into my case even before we entered the Board Room. I could see your strategy in operation and I must say I was deeply impressed by your wisdom. I thank Yahweh and you for instructing me in the strategy of gaining my parole. I pray Yahweh continue to inspire you to defend Life Prisoners.” –George Lucas, released from Avenal State Prison, spring 2013

“Mr. Beckman: I just wanted to thank you for your help and understanding. In sports, the great ones are able to slow the game down and see things people don’t see. They are able to play at a level that it doesn’t seem like they are doing much but in reality they are doing what it takes. You have that ability. Thank you for your service and for your fighting spirit.” –Steven Nary, released from Avenal State Prison, 11/13/13.

Mr. Beckman: From my family to you. ..THANK YOU for representing my husband and for always responding in a quick manner. Thank you for your hard work and presence. –Landa Xiong-Vang, her husband Thor Vang released from Avenal State Prison, January 2014.”

“Michael Beckman represented me at my last parole board hearing and was instrumental in me being found suitable for parole. He was very professional with his approach to representing me. He was well prepared, articulate, insightful, and extremely knowledgeable of the procedures governing the parole process. I thank him for his meticulous work in helping me to regain my freedom. With Respect.” –Ray Ford, released from Centinela State Prison, fall 2012

“Mr. Beckman: I just wanted to say “thank you”. If you hadn’t helped me out step by step then I might not have been ready. I might not have received a “low” on my psych eval if you hadn’t helped me with my Parole Plans and my Relapse Prevention Plan. Thank you for giving me confidence before the hearing. I was very scared and just having you there made me feel better.” —Devin Otte, released from Avenal State Prison spring 2013

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